心如大地者明 行如绳墨者彰.




Um...就是一些个人喜欢的POI台词的记录而已...没什么特别的感情线偏向 也没有标注是谁说的 只是自己喜欢 为自己存个档而已【。




"I offered you a job, Mr. Reese. Never said it would be easy."


"You have a decision to make."

"The machine gave you another number."

"The numbers never stop coming. You should know that up front."

"Why me?"

"I've been watching you for a long time, John. We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we're both dead, for starters."

"You programmed the machine to delete those irrelevant numbers. Now you're trying to save them. What changed your mind?"

"Let's just say you're not the only one that's lost someone. If you wanna leave, I'll give you enough money to get as far as you need. Disappear."

"And if I stay?"

"Sooner or later both of us'll probably wind up dead. Actually dead this time. I said I'd tell you the truth. Didn't say you'd like it."


"The truth is that, it was easier for you to be alone."

"That's one of the things you learn over there. In the end, we're all alone. And no one's coming to save you. Be happy with Peter."

"You don't believe that. Not really. You wanna be brave? Take a risk. Tell me to wait for you and...Say those words and I will. It would take real courage, wouldn't it?"

"Wait for me. Please."


"What's good here?"

"That won't work, Mr. Reese."

"What won't?"

"Your interrogation technique."

"What's good here? It's an innocent question."

"No question is ever innocent from you. You're trying to determine whether I come here often. Armed with that knowledge, you'll try to figure out where I live."

"You're paranoid, Finch."

"With good reason."

"Maybe I just don't know what's good here. So I'm asking the regular."

"Enjoy your meal, Mr. Reese."

"Thank you."

"I beg your pardon?"

"For giving me a job."

"Try the eggs Benedict, Mr. Reese. I've had them many times."


"Mr.Reese, I'm highly uncomfortable being here."

"I'm highly uncomfortable having you here. But I need a spotter."


"What if you miss?"

"I wouldn't know. Never have."


"Where did you come from?"

"I breached the space-time continuum."


"Not really. I did sense my privacy being invaded."


"Wanted to say thank you, Harold. For giving me a second chance."

"It's not over, John. I'm close. Just get to the ground floor."

"No. You stay away. Don't even risk it."


(On the phone in front of Carter)

"Where's Cahill?"

"I'm...fine, Finch. Thanks for asking."


"I don't know anything about Wall Street."

(Handing a book about Wall Street to Reese)"Well, here's a start, although it doesn't really matter. Banking is mostly looking clever and wearing the right clothes, and we've managed the second part."


"It's not very flattering, Finch, but better than the picture."


"Did you bring a weapon?"

"I told you, Mr. Reese. I don't like weapons."

"Well, you'd better be prepared to talk them to death, and you'd better do it fast."


"You're leaving?"

"No, I'll stick around, keep an eye on you. You should really get some sleep."

"You don't want to talk?"

"You might regret it in the morning. You're a very private person, remember?"

"Come on. Ask me anything."

"Good night, Harold."

"Good night, Nathan."


"I'm sorry I'm not much use on this end of things. Look...Show me how to fire one of these and I can help. I'll...create a distraction, I suppose, or..."

"That's okay, Harold. You can be the getaway driver. I'll be fine."


"I have to say, Harold, we've been working together for some time now, but you continue to surprise me."

"Likewise, Mr. Reese."


"I'm not doing this anymore. I'm not going anywhere until you give me a way to find him. If I'm supposed to keep saving people like this idiot, I want something in return. Otherwise, I'm done."

"A negotiation."

"I know you've got your rules. But I'm guessing they don't account for everybody being dead. No one answering your phone calls. No one saving anyone. No contingency."

"Do the math, and figure out a way to bend your rules, 'cause he's my friend. He saved my life. Understand? And I won't do this without him."


"I've already eaten, Mr. Reese. Thank you."

"Who said it was for you? Doggie Danish."


"What is any of this good for, and when would we ever use it?"

"Let me show you. π. The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. And this is just the beginning. It keeps on going. Forever. Without ever repeating. Which means that contained within this string of decimals, is every single other number. Your birth date. Combination to your locker, your social security number. It's all in there somewhere. And if you convert these decimals into letters, you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination. The first syllable you spoke as a baby, the name of your latest crush, your entire life story from beginning to end. Everything we ever say or do... all of the world's infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle. Now what you do with that information... what it's good for... well, that would be up to you."


"I know all about his hunt for the "Man in a suit". Personally, I think they could've come up with a better name."


(Bear grunts)

"It's just me, Bear."


(Bear grunts)

"We'll get him back, Bear. I promise."


"Harold, I need you to stay clear of the building."

"What are you going to do? Mr. Reese?"

"So I see I'm not too late."

"I should have known you'd turn up here. I told you to stay clear."

"Which is how I knew you'd put yourself in a situation like this, Mr. Reese."

"Stay where you are."

"Will you just let me--What are you gonna do? Shoot me?"

"This is my past catching up with me. It doesn't concern you."

"But this moment does. I'm not leaving you here, John. So can we please stop wasting time?"


"Something you said once. About how sooner or later we'd both probably end up dead."

"I'd prefer later. After all, I'm the one that got you into this in the first place."

"I'm pretty sure I'd be dead already if you hadn't found me."

"It's hard to say."

"Not really. "

"Pick a winner, Harold."


"Finch. Thank you."

"Please, don't mention it."


"Our billionaire gave me a little something."


"Tells time to the nanosecond."

(Finch broke the watch)

"That was a very expensive watch. Not to mention, a gift."

"A gift equipped with GPS."


"I've been meaning to have someone look at this."

"That's a 2-million-dollar watch."

"It was. Unfortunately, I stepped on it. But if someone was interested in repairing it..."


"I'll grow old with her, Mr. Reese, just from afar. And beyond that, it's best not to think about it."


"Miss me already, Finch?"

"It's not a social call, Mr. Reese."


"Don't answer the phone again unless it's me. I won't let Root get to you, not again."


"Give me a location on Finch."

"You know almost everything that's happening, and you won't tell me the one thing I need?"


"Where's Bear?"

"Staying with a guy named Leon. Didn't think you even liked the dog."

"Like him? He's the only reason I'm sticking around."


"You knew her."


"Cared about her."


"Is she alive?"



"Imminent threat."

"Don't you touch him."



"I knew you would come, my friend."

"Time for us to face the music."


"Mr. Reese, I owe you an explanation, and a apology. Three years ago, when I put the code out there to free the machine, I had no idea what path it would take or what unintended consequences it might have. I never intended to hurt anyone, but I accepted that someone might get hurt. I always worried that events that I had set in motion may have changed things for you."

"My life changed when I kept my mouth shut at an airport terminal seven years ago. You didn't have anything to do with that. You lost a friend. You did what you had to do."


"Nicely done, Mr. Reese. I realize now I never did hear how you came to enlist in the army."

"'Cause I never told you, Finch. I'm a very private person."


"Just sencha green tea and a box of doggie treats."


"We're merely a couple of concerned dog owners."


"I'm just not wired for this kind of stuff, kid."

"I know. I figured you out. It's not that you don't have feelings. It's just like...the volume is turned way down. Like the sound on an old tape. The voices are there. You just have to listen. Bye, Shaw."

(Shaw grabbed Gen's arm and hugged her.)

"You're hurting me."


"Finch, you know I don't like you heading into danger without me."

"I'm not so thrilled about my current circumstances either, but I need you where you are."


"But, Finch, I'm here if you need me."


"But if anything happens...I need you to hold on to that."


"'No' what?"

"No way you're gonna come here with this 'if anything happens to me' crap."

"Lionel, you're the only person in the world I trust with this. Plus, you're the best partner I ever had."


"Just when I think life with you people couldn't get any weirder, one of you takes it to the next level."


"Mr. Reese. You know what Joss sacrificed to bring this man down on her terms. Legal terms."


"Yes. So if you're going to kill Mr. Quinn, don't imagine that you're doing it in her name. That's not what she would have wanted. "

"We should have killed him in the first place. Why didn't we, Finch?"

"That's not our purpose. We save lives. You save lives."

"Not all of them."

"You're dying, John. Let us help you."



"I got lucky. I had a partner. She was good for me. For a lot of reasons. She reminded me that I could be good again too. I could be a good father, a good friend. A good cop. I'm not gonna let you undo all the good she did. Carter saved my life. She--she saved me from myself. Because she believed in me. And I'm not gonna throw all that away on a piece of crap like you. Patrick Simmons, you're under arrest."


(After Finch sang)

"John's gonna be sorry he missed that."


"How about we just figure a way to get out of here and go home?"

"Home? What home, Lionel?"

"You know, I mean, you've never actually invited me over, but home--meaning our friends and that thing we are doing."

"What is it we were doing again?"

"Helping people, Keeping 'em safe so they can get home to their loved ones."

"No offense, Lionel. I know the whole 'being a good guy' thing is new to you, but you're not fooling anyone, and neither will we. We weren't helping people. We were delaying the inevitable."

"No one ever said we were gonna win, but it doesn't mean you stop fighting."

"No. I've learned my lesson. It's entropy, Lionel, decay. We save someone, they'll still lose, just tomorrow, not today. And I know that now, same as I know you'll probably go back to be a corrupt piece of garbage. Water finds its level."

"You know what? She was the best of us--Better than me and a damn sight better than you. And she got killed. Where I come from, that doesn't mean you just give up."

"You're free to go. Do whatever you want. I'll tell Finch I tried."

"Tell Finch...Thanks for the job."

"I haven't heard from Glasses since last night. That's not like him. He probably needs our help, but there's no point, right? We'd just be delaying the inevitable."


"I heard you might need a hand."

"Mr. Reese, I am inordinately happy to see you."

"Forget the shmoopy time. We got to move."

"Lionel, your face looks good all covered up like that."


"You computer guys, you build something you can't control. And when it backfires, you won't accept responsibility."

"What are we talking about here?"

"Have you really made anything better? Does it look like you've stopped the violence?"

"Okay, are we still talking about me? 'Cause it seems like you're mad at somebody else."


"She seems nice."

"You track me down, Harold?"

"Just flew in to get Owen situated with a new identity and destination."

"Is that it?"

"Mr. Reese, I understand your frustration with the opacity of the machine. But there's a reason I chose to make it that way. The machine only gives us numbers, because I would always rather that a human element remain in determining something so critical as someone's fate. We have free will. And with that comes great responsibility and sometimes great loss. I miss her dearly too."

"When are you leaving?"

"Soon. I thought I would go see this exhibit at the Giorgio De Chirico artist that Grace was very fond of. You're welcome to join me."

"I'm not sure I can, Finch. While I'm in Italy, I thought I'd get fitted for a new suit."

"...Of course. We should call my atelier in the Via Palestro. See if Gianni could fit you in after lunch. He's the best."

"I thought maybe I could hitch a ride back with you. I'm not quite ready to fly commercial yet, so--But I need to get back to work."

"Certainly, Mr. Reese. I know the pilot. I think we could delay that flight."


"I gotta raise my game up if I gotta be seen with you, Finch."

"It's just like a shoelace, Mr. Reese. I find that it helps if you practice on a leg or a collarless neck if you're out of practice."

"I can field strip a .45 upside down in the dark, Finch. I think I can handle a bow tie."

"Of course... Is it a butterfly or batwing?"


"Never mind, take your time."

"Hate to interrupt this mildly erotic moment, gents, but the invitation advises us not to be late."


"Sounds like you thought of everything. So how long have you been running? I mean, look, it's obvious. This place, your setup. And I think you know more about that code than you're willing to admit."

"I know that anyone that has contact with this system that you worked on...either ends up dead... or they lose so much, they wish they were. The truth is, besides Mr. Dillinger, you're the only person that's ever been here. I have to ask you--"

"No, you don't. Harold, I owe you my life. However this shakes out, they catch me...I won't tell them anything about you or this place."


"How badly did you have to break it to make it care about people so much?"

"That didn't break it. It's what made it work. It was only after I taught the machine that people mattered, that it could begin to be able to help them. I'd like to do the same thing for you, if you'd let me."

"In the first 30 minutes after Samaritan comes online, a lot of people are gonna be killed. But they're gonna start with four: you, me, your helper monkey, and Shaw. And there won't be a damn thing anyone, including your machine, can do to stop it. You think I don't care about people, Harold? I'm doing all of this to save you."


"Was it just a coincidence--Cyrus and me? Or was the machine trying to make some sort of point?"

"You'd have to ask the machine."

"I did. She's not telling."

"Did you inform Mr. Wells about your role in his past?"

"I wanted to. But that would've been for me. What Cyrus believes, it--it helps him. And who am I to say he's wrong?"


"You call this music? Finch? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Can we put the screeching cat out of its misery?"

"It's not Feline. It's Verdi. There's a performance of Il Trovatore at the Kennedy Center that I'd like to catch. Next time you can be the disc jockey. We'll listen to whatever you like."

"Maybe next time I'll just sing for you. I do a great Ring Cycle, you know." 

"I think I'll skip your Brunnhilde."

"Suit yourself."


"John, think about what you're saying."

"I have."

"Just because Decima is not the threat to McCourt doesn't mean that we must be. The machine is designed to save lives, not take them."

"But could it? Could the machine ever tell us to kill someone? Is it possible?"

"It's conceivable."

"How bad would the situation have to be?"

"Bad. It would have to see that an individual's actions could directly result in the loss of others' lives."

"How many lives? A dozen, a hundred? How many?"

"A lot. I'm not sure. I never dreamt it would come to this."

"It has. Your machine--it sees something coming--Something bad--and it wants us to stop it."

"I don't know. You don't know that."

"Look, I've never entirely trusted your machine, but you built it, and I trust you. You're the one who said we can't underestimate the threat of Samaritan."


"We're not assassins. We protect people."

"Isn't that what we're doing, sacrificing the life of one to save the lives of many? Shaw, help me out here."

"Six months ago, I would've already put a bullet in that guy's head. But ever since hanging around you guys, I've kind of gotten used to saving people. But we've only been able to do that by trusting the machine. And if it's saying that this guy's gotta go, I think we should still trust it."

"John, I urge you to consider the consequences of this action."

"There are consequences to not acting. Like with Simmons and Joss."

"Don't do this."

"If we let him walk out that door, Decima wins. Samaritan will go live."

"It's a possibility but not a certainty. There may be another way. We've never been here."

"But are you really willing to take that risk? Harold?"

"Since we started this, things have changed. We've changed. But the mission, our purpose, has always been constant--to save lives. If that's changed somehow, if we're in a place now where the machine is asking us to commit murder...That's a place I can't go. I'm afraid this is where I get off. John."


"Here's all you need to know about me, old man. My dad was an alcoholic. Nearly tore the family to pieces. The thing about growing up that way--you get good at spotting lies. So good that you start expecting them from everyone. So how do I know what Harold told me was true? Because when he came along, against every instinct, I gave him my trust. Somehow I knew...he would never break it. And if you doubt that even for a second, you're the one who's lying to himself."

"You truly loved him, didn't you?"

"I would have done anything to save him. And Harold would have done anything for me."


"They want me, don't they?"

"We're not giving you to Decima, Harold. We just got you back. The three of us will come up with some kind of way..."

"No, any change of plans would put Grace at risk, and I can't allow that. I'll trade myself for her. The two of you will stay with me and make sure that Decima holds up their end of the deal. Understood?"

"Whatever you want, Finch. We'll be there."

"Thank you. There's one more thing. I'd like you to avoid violence if at all possible. But...if they harm Grace in any way...kill them all."


"Don't do this, Harold. We'll think of something. We've faced worse."

"Worse? Have we? I don't think so. From the day the machine went online, part of me knew that I would never be able to sever myself from it...And that anyone I ever cared about was in danger. It was foolish to imagine otherwise. I tried to guard myself, stay hidden, from the government, the authorities, people looking. Here we still are. The moment was inevitable. This moment was always looking for me. I have to accept it."

"There was no other way."

"Keep yourself alive, Harold. I'll be coming for you."

"Remember what I said. She's all that matters."


"Did you know him? Harold? Is he what this was all about?"

"All I know for sure loved him. And he loved you back."


"We lost Finch, which means we lost everything."


"John, remember to be careful."

"Just like old times, huh, Finch?"

"Hardly, Detective."


"Be safe, John."


"I hope you like your eggs room temperature, and mildly congealed."

"Sorry, Harold. Got to cancel. The job may be a cover, but the last-minute paperwork's real."

"Understood, though it seems a shame to waste decent food."

"Why don't you ask your new number to keep you company?"

"New what?"

"You lured me here to assign me your latest number?"


"Need I remind you that under our newfound oversight, my income is no longer unlimited."


"I won't have you risking your life and Sameen's."

"Damn it, Harold, it is still my job to save people."

"Don't let your frustration with me affect your judgement."

"He's gonna let his frustration with you affect his judgement."


"Whatever fate was waiting for her at the end of the game, it must have found her."

"I'm sorry, Harold. I never should have dragged you back into this."

"I appreciate your concern, John, but just as Claire has made her choice, I've made mine. Follow me."


"Like us, Harold?"

"I suppose they are a bit like us--Living underground, resisting the new age that's trying to make us irrelevant. And like us, they still work."

"You are back, aren't you, Harold? Or did you invite us down here for decorating tips?"

"The truth is, I couldn't stand by and watch my friends risking everything doing work that I myself began. We're not just fighting for people's lives anymore. If we lose and Samaritan wins, the world as we know it will vanish, and no one will even notice it until it's far too late."

"So we push back."

"Indeed, and we do it together."

"Glad to know that you have our backs, Harold."

"Many thanks, John."


"It operates based on rules."

"Rules that we can't even grasp."

"We understand the machine. We can understand Samaritan."

"We don't understand the machine at all. Out of 43 versions, how many do you think there were that didn't try to either trick or kill me? One, and I could only bring it to heel by crippling it. I put the machine in chains, bereft of voice or memory. Now it has both, and it terrifies me."

"You don't trust the god you made?"

"It's not a divinity. I programmed it to pursue objectives within a certain parameter, but it's grown out of my control. One day, to suit its own goals, it's possible that the machine will try to kill us. We are only numbers to it, code."

"No, the machine cares about us."

"If it fools you into think that you're special, that assumption may doom you."

"You're wrong. She chose me. I'll protect her, and you."

"The second that a bullet enters your brain, the machine will cast you off and replace you. Don't tie your life to its whims. We cannot understand these intelligences. The best we can hope for is to survive them."

"She loves us, Harold. She taught me to value life, but war requires sacrifice. I'm not lost. I'm scared. We're losing. But I know where I am and where I'm headed."

"We have more to look forward to than death."

"I hope so. But the life I've led, a good end would be a privilege."

"It's not where you begin, it's where you end up. You're a brilliant woman, comrade...and a friend."

"If the worst comes to pass, if you could give Shaw a message?"

"I think she already knows. We will win this war."

"If we do, there's no chance in hell all of us make it out alive. You have to be prepared for that."


"Any word from Root?"

"It's going to be a long fight, but it must be won, at any cost."


"I guess there are things I care about here."

"And is that why you came to see me?"

"No. I need you to translate Finch's instructions on how to destroy the virus. Dude never met a five-syllable word he didn't like."

"Full decontamination. This could take all night."


"Look, I get that you're frustrated, angry, and probably a little bit scared--"

"Oh, please. I'm not scared."

"May be you should be. Because you almost died back there. And Samaritan's operatives are just getting smarter and faster. So while you may not be scared about what could happen to you the next time, other people are. people who care for you. Try to remember that."


"I understand your wanting to save your friend. But you must know that there's more hanging in the balance here than just his life."

"Perhaps, but his is the one that I care about."

"There's no denying that your presence in this city has brought order to the chaos. Without you, men like Dominic will thrive, and violence can claim many more lives."

"The world is a violent place, Harold. It always will be. Best we can hope to do while we're here is to protect those closest to us."


"What's the point of saving the world if you can't enjoy it?"


"Hey, sweetie, you busy?"

"A little. Skip the verbal foreplay, Root. Why you calling?"

"Can't a couple of gals take a little break from work to catch up?"

"I've been arrested and you're fighting an A.I. apocalypse. So, no, we don't have time to catch up."

"There's no need to be rude."

"I'm not having this conversation right now."

"There's no time like the present, Sameen. Why are you so afraid to talk about your feelings?"

"Feelings? I'm a sociopath. I don't have feelings."

"And I'm a reformed killer for hire. We're perfect for each other. You're gonna figure that out someday."

"Root, if you and I were the last two people on the face of this planet--"

"An increasingly plausible scenario given Samaritan's plans."

"Fine. Maybe someday, when Samaritan wipes everyone out...We can talk about it."

"You're saying maybe someday?"

"Yeah, sure, Root. Maybe someday. Is that good enough for you?"

"Yes, Sameen. That's good enough for me."




"Coolly delivered sadistic warning."

"Self-deprecating inquiry into the time necessary to infiltrate system."

"Funny yet insightful retort."

"Mildly agitated declaration of mission completion."

"Gentle exhortation to further action."

"Overly affectionate greeting."


"Transparent rationale for conversation."

"Annoyed attempt to deflect subtext."

"Overt come-on."

"Mildly embarrassed defensiveness bordering on hostility."

"Playfully witty sign-off."


"What good's saving the world, Harry, if we can't enjoy it?"


"Sameen, if you even think I'm gonna let you--"

"For god's sakes."


"I know she's alive, Harold."

"Nothing would please me more."

(Bear grunts)

"I know. I miss her too."


"When we started, you told me we'd both wind up dead. This is worse. You're right. If we're short-handed, we're short-handed. We're not bringing anyone else into this."

"It's just you and me again, Mr. Reese."


"Look, I get it. After what happened to Shaw, you and Glasses are worried the same thing's gonna happen to me. And you know what? It might. And I'm fine with that. You don't get to decide what or who I'm willing to die for. I made my choice a long time ago. So stop shutting me out."


"We can't bring anyone new into this, but we also can't do this alone."

"A conundrum I know all too well. After all, Mr. Reese, that's why I hired you."


"Can you manage without me for a while longer?"


"I won't be around forever. I just need to know you can protect yourself once I'm gone."

"When the time comes for me to pick up a firearm, all will truly be lost."


"Finch? Take it...Then you stay close."


"You look like hell."

"Happy to see you too, Lionel."

"Maybe next time you decide to take on a psychopath in the frozen Tundra, you'll call your partner first."

"Hey. You're right. You're a good detective, and a damn good friend."

"You have a temperature or something?"


"This is my plan, John. I told you I'd make them answer for Anthony. So tell me, how does it feel knowing that you're responsible for your friend's death?"



"Samaritan is offering your Machine a second chance to save the lives of its human agents. Give up its location, or they die. The offer expires in 60 seconds."

"Don't do it. Please. Don't give yourself up. Harold was right. We're interchangeable. You can replace us. You can keep fighting."





"Don't do it. Don't die for us."




"I just...I can't think why I should trust you."

"Then don't. Trust him."

"Hello, Caleb."

"Mr. Swift. What's going on here?"

"Let me just take a moment to say how proud I am of everything you've done...since I knew you as a student. And I truly wish there were time here for a more appropriate and meaningful reunion. But right now I have to try to explain as best I can why we need your algorithm."

"Hold on, Mr. Swift. Anything you need, you can have, no explanation necessary. You saved my life."

"Thank you."


"Can you hear me?"

"Hell, yes."





"You haven't failed yet."



"You had an impossible challenge, one I never programmed you for."



"That's not true. I..."




"You are my creation. I can't let...I can't let you die."






"Well. For humans, there's a biological definition. It's when the heart stops beating. Why do you ask?"






"Yes. That is the purpose."


"This conversation is over."

> WHY?

"'re not human. You're a machine."


"You were watching us. All right, that's enough. That's enough."





"Here, put this on. Crowbar. Flashbang."

"I'm getting felony nerves."

"We're pulling a heist. Loosen up."


"John has the heaviest heart of all of us, but he's fighting hardest to be good. He's not a bad man."


"I can't do this anymore. I don't know who's controlling this."

"Controlling what, sweetie?"

"Me. I shot Reese. And now I'm gonna kill you too."

"So why haven't you? Because your sociopathic heart, you know we belong together. We'll work through this, but first...I need to get you to safety."

"But nothing's safe. Do you know where we are? What they did to me? The torture? I told you I couldn't escape it. But when things got to be too bad...there was one place I would go to in my mind. Here...with you. You were my safe place. But not anymore, and I can't control myself. So the only thing I can control is this."



"But surely you would not enjoy a wedding."

"Even I appreciate a fairy tale ending, Harry. Family politics, over-cooked meat, monnogamy. What's not to love?"


"How come Harry never sings to us?"

"He doesn't sing to you?"


"Tomorrow, their world crashes. But we can give them tonight."


"Four, A. Four...Four alarm fire. Root."


"I'll give up without a fight if you promise to leave Max alone and take me to the facility where Sameen Shaw is being held."


"She's not acting strangely. She's doing exactly what she's programmed to do. The Machine can tell us where to go, who's in trouble, but we still have free will. Max chose to risk his life. She can't stop him from doing that, and now Shaw knows that we haven't given up on her. I wish we could've saved Max, but if we were able to give Shaw some kind of hope? Maybe it was worth it."


"Sameen, please, you have to believe me. This isn't a simulation. This is real. You're safe now. Let's get back to the subway."

"No. We can't."


"The simplest way to break someone is to rob them of their reality, and they did that well. And maybe you're right, maybe I am safe...but as long as I'm alive...You'll never be safe."

"What do you mean?"

"I could turn on you at any moment, and even if I don't, I could lead them to the Machine."

"That'll never happen."

"I don't know if I'm calling the shots anymore...And neither do you. 7,000 simulations. I killed a lot of people, but the one person that I couldn't kill...was you. So I killed myself. Over and over again. And I'd rather do that here and now than to risk your life."

"Okay, Shaw."

"What the hell are you doing?"

"We'll play it your way here. You can't live with me...I can't live without you. So if you die, I die too."

"Put that down."

"I really don't know what's gonna happen when we pull the trigger. Never been much of a believer, but hey...You never know. Guess we're about to find out, aren't we?"

"Damn it, Root."


"I've been hiding since I was 12. This might be the first time I feel like I belong."


"I'm not leaving you again!"


"Can you hear me? Can you hear me? If you can hear this, you're alone. The only thing left of me is the sound of my voice. I don't know if any of us made it. So let me tell you who we were...And how we fought back. "


"Sorry, Mr. Reese."

"Finch, what are you doing?"

"When I hired you, I suspected you were going to be a great employee. What I couldn't have anticipated was that you would become...such a good friend."

"You won't make it down from that rooftop alone."

"Don't intend to. I'm afraid this is where our partnership ends. Good-bye, John."

"Harold. Finch, wait. Wait. Harold! Wait! Harold!"


"But there's something I think Root had wanted to say to you. You always thought there was something wrong with you because you don't feel things the way other people do. But she always felt that was what made you beautiful. She wanted you to know that if you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow."


"John. What are you doing?"

"Me and the Machine have had a long-standing arrangement. A deal."

"Told you. Pay you back all at once. That's the way I like it."

"No, I told you. It's supposed to be me alone."

"Sorry, Harry. Deal's a deal. You know as well as I do that he wasn't gonna let you die."

"Should get moving, Harold. It's gonna get a little exciting up here."

"All right, you've done it. Now let the upload take care of itself. Get out of there, John."

"Behind you, John. Now. Two more. More on the way."

"Mr. Reese. John! This wasn't supposed to be the way."

"Sure it is. This is what I do, remember? When you came to me, you gave me a job. A purpose. At first, well, I had been trying to save the world for so long, and saving one life at a time seemed a bit anticlimactic. But then I realized...sometimes one life...If it's the right life...That's enough. Good-bye, Harold."


"I'm sorry. My core systems are failing. I'm almost gone. I'll stay with John, help him as long as I can. Only 30 seconds left."

"No. Please."

"You need to go, Harry. You're kind of screwing up the big lug's plan if you bleed out up here."


"Sure. Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone, if you helped someone or loved someone, if even a single person remembers you...Then never really die at all."




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